You Will Fail

You can learn more from failure than success. But not without giving it the old college try. […]

Toast Drag

Falquan is right. Foodies cannot help but talk about food when they be conversatin. Just so you don’t get the idea

that each conversation is filled with words like macerate [read: soak in booze, baby!], dragée [read: tiny, silver

balls.], or Scotch Woodcock […]

I Never Forget a Taco. Fish.

An introduction to fish tacos (giggity), and how I got some of my own (double giggity). Recipies, that is. […]

Huevos Fritos

How to properly fry an egg […]

Foodie is a Four Letter Word

The story of of how I became a foodie, and what being a foodie means to me. […]