Just Add Heat

. . . . and a little patience.


Those are the two keys to making a successful omelet. Well, those and some fresh ingredients. The other day, I just happened to have the two keys and fresh ingredients handy.


Four Eggland’s Best into my grandmother’s enameled bowl, whisked briskly with her quite lovely […]

Assembly Required

As I’ve stated in my bio, I’m a food collage artist. That’s a much nicer way of saying “I’m a Lazy McLazentstein who just pushes bio-fuel items together into my mouth.”




ANYwho, I just made a plate of perfectly plump pitas packed with a plethora of perky parts. Each whole wheat pita […]

Hello, Sunshine!

Are you feeling loved yet?

Is there any surer or more delicious indicator that spring is here and summer is soon to follow than the arrival of Bell’s Oberon Ale? My apologies to all the migrating birds and flowering trees, but as you can see, Oberon is just as cheery and colorful, plus […]