Not Bad for Leftovers

Not to be out-done by my old-country brethren and sisterren, I bring you the obligatory short post that shows I still have one or two tricks up mein sleeve. Although not so much in the German way. The sausage is weak with this one.

…Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Anywho, I love my Crock Pot. Maybe a little too frequently much. Generally I load some foodstuff into it over the weekend and let it cook such that I have delicious morsels to pick apart during the week. This weekend was no exception:

There's nothing like a great thigh.

The title speaks for itself.

The great part is it’s dead simple.

  1. Procure chicken bits, preferrably legs, thighs
    • Legs and thighs hold up to this style of cooking; the breast tends to just flake apart into unappetizing chicken flakes
  2. Pat dry with paper towels
  3. Season with salt, pepper, and/or your choice of seasonings
    • I prefer just salt and pepper, it allows you to change the flavor of the finished product later
  4. Sear in a pan, preferrably cast iron
  5. Dump in Crock Pot
  6. Add flavorful cooking liquid
    • Usually I just use chicken broth or water
    • In this case, I had a Dogfish Head Namaste along with some store-bought boxed chicken stock
  7. Set Crock Pot for 4+ hours
    • Generally I do this overnight
  8. Have a bit of a faff during the cooking
  9. Do with the results as you please

I end up packaging it up in the fridge for use throughout the week; lunches, dinners, midnight snacks, the list goes on. But there’s no stopping you from preparing this in the morning, heading off to work, then returning to a meal basically prepared for you over the day with no tending or worries.

1 comment to Not Bad for Leftovers

  • princesszyrtec

    That looks very, very moist. Juices.

    So glad to see chicken with the skin left intact. I never got into the whole “boneless, skinless, fatless, tasteless” chicken fad.

    Perhaps that is why I am not boneless, skinless, fatless or tasteless. Juices.

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