On the Lamb

It’s amazing what you can do when you get real ingredients.

As my earlier tweet decreed, I spent a lovely lunch at the West Side Market of Cleveland, probably the best place to procure fruit, veg, and meat-stuffs anywhere in the city and suburbs. An hour later, I retreated to work arms full with leeks, rainbow chard, carrots, celery, brussels sprouts (my favorite vegetable of all time), two pounds of (Ohio!) ground lamb, and approximately two pounds of assorted fresh pasta and sauce from Ohio City Pasta. This pasta included (most importantly for tonight) rosemary linguini, jalapeño linguini, whole wheat spaghetti, and soba (dear god fresh!).

Around peckish-o-clock, I determined that there was but one course of action for the evening: quick lamb ragout with shaved brussles sprouts, wilted rainbow chard, and leeks over rosemary linguini.

An autumn bounty, even if I hate autumn.

Result! Although it was absolutely screaming for a salty, pungent shaving of Pecorino or Parmigiano.

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