7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part 4)

I suspect you feign interest in our heroes at this point, but I don’t actually care. So, here’s more.

I curse this game. It brings nothing but regrets to the morning. Thankfully, again it was determined to have another day of respite from travel. We decided in fact to split up and canvas the area, and meet again later to discuss the finer points of the day. I personally chose to wander the shore.

Pacific Shoreline

Purple mountains majesty?

I have lived my entire life within a mile of water, but never saw shore so dramatic on the Lake of Erie.

Rocky Pacific Shoreline


It was breathtaking in all senses of the word.

As mentioned, we would regroup that evening. Another local inn was chosen at which to dine: Terrapin Creek Cafe.

Ahi Tuna

I think I'll have all my tuna ahi'd

Long had we heard stories of raw foods from the far east, but not combined with ingredients from other places. A delight to behold and benosh.

Rest we did, but not before that accursed game robbed us of sanity yet again.

As dawn brightened our eyelids, we set out anew and stumbled upon Cade. Here again they made the wine that we developed such a love for, but claimed to produce it via new farming techniques.


Do want

After seeing the view and relaxation grotto, it was clear we did not care how the wine was produced, but more importantly we just wanted to stay and stare at the scenery.

Alas, we could not stay. Rather we had to say our goodbyes, as I would soon leave the group to journey on my own. In an epic display on our final evening together, the skies blazed forth in an unprecidented farewell.

Sunset at Bodega


Will our heroes really part ways? Does anyone even care anymore? Regardless, stay tuned to Epicurious Whores for the continuing saga!

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