Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

“Are you sure you’re worthy of the label Epicurious Whore?”

“I don’t know.  Does  sharing a simultaneous group orgasm while indulging in a blue cheese and Serrano ham from Spain make one worthy?”

A meeting of like minds and palates, in search of the next hedonistic culinary experience.  Whether dining out or in, or cooking or consuming, rest assured someone in our small group is getting lucky.

Your Hosts…

Pimpy Sippy Cup

Always a classy broad


Food collage artist. Princesszyrtec has steadfastly maintained her rep as a “non-cook” but that is merely to avoid expectations being placed on her. She delights in assembling dishes that require little in the way of heat or chemical reactions, but rely more on the creative juxtaposition of textures and flavors from ingredients in their natural state. Salads, sandwiches, and sushi round out her repertoire. She creates much of her poetry the same way, and it has been recognized in certain circles that when it comes to selecting a meal from a varied menu, she always wins.

I want you inside me



Look at me.

I’m eating a sandwich.

Now look away.

Now look at me again.

It won’t be like last time.

Fool! It’s exactly like last time!

An unabashed and unapologetic believer in “things taste good.”

We foodies often get a bad rap that we don’t like the simpler things and we’re all a pack of snobs. My personal mission is to show the exact opposite: in fact we love the simple things. But know this: I don’t care what you think you like and don’t like. Try it first. Live the dream.

I also “maintain” a personal blog at, if you’re so inclined to read more of my ramblings.

(Thanks to for not pressing charges whilst I’ve “borrowed” this picture over the last five or so years)


He will cut you.


Messerfreund. A firm believer that there should be more Horror in movies, more Romance in the kitchen, and that restaurants that only serve their burgers “well done” probably shouldn’t bother serving burgers in the first place.

Wouldn't turn down a date with Dionysus.

the Gastrognome

A strange little camera-toting troll who regularly and enthusiastically participates in Amon’s sordid food-preparation rituals. Usually manages to get a decent shot or two before the grub gets cold. Typically drunk. Enjoys (badly) painting (semi-useful) objects, coloring salt and putting it into Coke bottles, and peanut butter without a bunch of crap in it.