Book Review: Taco Night (Kate McMillen)

When I hear that something came from Williams-Sonoma, my initial suspicion is usually that it’s either A. overpriced, B. unnecessary, or C. all of the above. Their cookbooks, however, tend to be pretty decent in my experience. (At the MSRP they do run dangerously close to falling into […]

Baby Got Back

I’ve got a new obsession. And it’s kinda like big butts in some of the more obscure dialects.

But I cannot lie.

In fact, it’s called Lucky Peach (Momofuku if you nasty), and it’s contents are collected by the wonderful bunch over there at McSweeney’s and a few other guests. It occurs quarterly and looks […]

Ingredients 101: The Series

As spring leaves us and summer begins (ok, that was a month ago), it’s time yet again that the regional farmers’ markets fire up and appear on street corners and central squares.


Admittedly, I’d rather they didn’t shut down at 1:00 PM EST here in Cleveland where I live, as most said markets occur […]