More Community Supported Awesome

Inspired by Falquan’s enthusiasm over the CSA he had joined (and doubly inspired after he brought some delicious sausages over for dinner last summer), the Gastrognome and I began a search for CSAs in our neck of the woods. This search ended happily last fall when we were able to join Fair Shares and partake […]

Omelette you finish

Ah, eggs. I see you there. Scrambled, fried, boiled, sometimes poached. Frequently depressingly overcooked and underseasoned. Did you know that after Bon Appetit did that big feature article on you, they didn’t even put your photo on the cover? No, they didn’t tell you, did they? Well just have a look. That’s right, that sticky […]

Toast Drag

Falquan is right. Foodies cannot help but talk about food when they be conversatin. Just so you don’t get the idea

that each conversation is filled with words like macerate [read: soak in booze, baby!], dragée [read: tiny, silver

balls.], or Scotch Woodcock […]

Huevos Fritos

How to properly fry an egg […]