Reductionduction, What’s Your Function?

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim to have experience, nor even aptitude, for using heat and ingredients to effect a comestible (refer to my brief bio on this site). Proceed at your own risk.

Despite my growing collection of cookbooks, including a drink mix guide I picked up at an estate sale for only […]

Ja in Bavaria, wo die Sushis aus Fisch sind!

The intrepid Gastrognome and I have a monthly tradition that dictates that on at least one day we must eschew the consuming of lunch in anticipation and preparation for a dinner which involves consuming large (okay, okay–excessive) amounts of sushi and sushi-related food items. But what to do when you’re in a foreign country and […]

Ingredients 101: The Series

As spring leaves us and summer begins (ok, that was a month ago), it’s time yet again that the regional farmers’ markets fire up and appear on street corners and central squares.


Admittedly, I’d rather they didn’t shut down at 1:00 PM EST here in Cleveland where I live, as most said markets occur […]

I Never Forget a Taco. Fish.

An introduction to fish tacos (giggity), and how I got some of my own (double giggity). Recipies, that is. […]