The Haggis is So Raw, It’s Still Digesting!


I forgot how good Gordon Ramsay’s “The F Word” is. Everyone needs to watch this.


It’s entertaining, and it shows true farm to table practices. And what we all need to be teaching the next generation. If you care about food origin stories, farm to table, or just….well, food…

You got to get on dat.

1 comment to The Haggis is So Raw, It’s Still Digesting!

  • I discovered the F Word years back when they used to run it everyday on the BBC telly. One of my fave eps is where he travels to … um, I think maybe Iceland, or Greenland, and bakes bread in an underground oven in the dirt on the side of a mountain, and tries to catch puffin with what looks like a ridiculously large butterfly net. Of course, what I enjoy about EVERY episode is the opening song and his changing into his chef’s jacket. Mmmmm.

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