The Sweetness

There’s an awful lot of talk about food additives, flavorings, colorants, and thangs that are added to foods, beverages and whatnot. I’m shocked.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to add the sarcasm tags around my sarchasm (ha!).

There’s a lot of things added to processed foods that we totally don’t need anymore. Preservatives aren’t needed when […]

A Decent Glass and a Good Moustache

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve: Fetch your fighting trousers!

As a big fan of bourbon I had already previously acquainted myself with Knob Creek. Their regular stuff is really very good, although I wouldn’t put it in my top tier and I think it’s generally a bit overpriced. When I was first introduced […]

Omelette you finish

Ah, eggs. I see you there. Scrambled, fried, boiled, sometimes poached. Frequently depressingly overcooked and underseasoned. Did you know that after Bon Appetit did that big feature article on you, they didn’t even put your photo on the cover? No, they didn’t tell you, did they? Well just have a look. That’s right, that sticky […]

Getting Baked

In my zeal to eat as much fish as possible, finding new ways to cook it was becoming an issue. I suppose I didn’t have to cook it, but most of the fish I purchase isn’t what I’d call sushi grade.

So baked, man

It turns out that it’s perfectly legit to bake […]

7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part It Doesn’t Matter Anymore)

Travelling. North it was. To a place. Seattle maybe? No wait! You weren’t supposed to know that! Professor will hit me!

Well, the narrator blew it and already told you the destination. And undermined the whole Odyssey thing even more.

Yes, I was headed to Seattle, a city already known and discovered by my […]

7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part 5)

Heroes. They did stuff. Let’s watch!

The morning on which we were to part ways finally arrived. The crew had been spectacular, but no longer did we have the same destinations in mind. The crew would travel east, in an attempt to return to their origins. I, however, was not ready to leave.

The […]