When you start with quality ingredients, it’s shocking how little is necessary to make something incredible. This heirloom tomato, for example:

This requires salt and a mouth in which to stuff it. That is all.

And yes, my favorite bamboo cutting block has huge gouges in it. I only use it for vegetables and […]


I’ve received a whole lot of shit over the last few weeks regarding my attitude toward zucchini; vile, squelchy, vindictive zucchini what tries to hide itself wherever I choose to eat.

Enough I say! Stop hiding it places! Enough with it always!

Let us be honest with each other: zucchini itself has absolutely no flavor. […]

Baby Got Back

I’ve got a new obsession. And it’s kinda like big butts in some of the more obscure dialects.

But I cannot lie.

In fact, it’s called Lucky Peach (Momofuku if you nasty), and it’s contents are collected by the wonderful bunch over there at McSweeney’s and a few other guests. It occurs quarterly and looks […]