Kitchen Knife Review: MAC 10-inch Chef Series

Stats: Blade: 250mm long; double-bevel edge; stainless molybdenum steel Handle: western-style (no bolster); Pakka-wood Weight: 229g Price: $70 discounted ($120 standard)

Knovember continues with a look at another recent knife acquisition, a MAC gyuto. I’ve seen this knife described as “a slab of metal with two pieces of wood stuck to one end,” a description […]

Kitchen Knife Review: Miyabi 600D Fusion utility knife

Blade: approx 142mm (5.5 inches) long; “damascus” warikomi cladding CMV60 (VG-10) core (target 60 HRC); double-bevel edge Handle: western-style; micarta Weight: 77g Price: $80 discounted ($110 standard)

What month is it? Why it’s Knovember—the cuttiest, choppiest, sliciest month of the year! And unlike those other “special” months (you know, the ones like Remorseuary, Junkly, Suicitember […]

On the Lamb

It’s amazing what you can do when you get real ingredients.

As my earlier tweet decreed, I spent a lovely lunch at the West Side Market of Cleveland, probably the best place to procure fruit, veg, and meat-stuffs anywhere in the city and suburbs. An hour later, I retreated to work arms full with leeks, […]

7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part 1)

I may or may not have had an epiphany in that I really, REALLY love the west coast.

Now, I knew this before, but after spending two weeks total bouncing from San Francisco (CA), to Bodega Bay (CA), into Napa (CA), over to Sonoma (CA), into Healdsburg, multiple dinners in Sebastapol (CA), then up to […]