Rapides (avec Falquan): La Vache

Fine, call me light in l’œufs, but I now demand fried egg on everything. After seeing Amon’s previous post, and having a delightful lunch at Nano Brew, I continue to assume that anything can be made better with a fried egg (yolk still running all over the god-damned plate, please).


Stella Artois was probably necessary for the full effect.


1/2 pound bison burger, herbed chevre, aroogula, local Scenic Acres egg, ketchup, dijon, pretzel bun (toasted, thank you).


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  • Love bison meat. I made some kick-ass chili with bison meat a few months ago. This entire burger makes my eyes tingly.

  • Amon-Rukh

    I ordered a similar burger at 3 Kings the other day, but I felt like it was a bit too much on the rich side (it had bacon but lacked the mustard and cheese). I would guess the dijon especially would do a good job of balancing things out more. So, was it a success?

  • Falquan

    It was a-fuckin’-mazing. But I got lucky…

    You are correct, sir. There needs to be an offset with the richness of the egg, and the Dijon was exactly that. I recently also had a burger at a local joint, Nano Brew, that did a similar burger, including the bacon, and while delicious, I also found it a touch heavy also — I partook at lunch, and then had no desire to eat till damn near the next day, delicious as it was. They tried to break it up with sriracha, which was successful, but still felt really heavy. I feel an acidic component is needed more than heat.

    The dijon you can find at Trader Joe is the closest I’ve ever had to true Dijon moutard; it’s blown my head off every time I put it in a sandwich, and I love it to death.

    The true key here is, as said before, is finding the balance of lean against rich, the egg will absolutely put anything over the edge on richness, but you need the rest to cut it, or be lean enough to absorb the fat — the way the bison tends to be. Or super lean beef.

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