To the Stocks With Ye!

This Monday I attended a cooking demonstration/interactive chicken processing class, delightfully referred to as Chicken 101. It was put on by my CSA (yup, I’ll pretty much pimp these guys anytime) and Cleveland farm-to-table legend, Parker Bosley. He’s an absolute delight and knows way, way more about food and farm-to-table than I ever hope to. […]


We’ve already established that Jacques Pepin is a boss. And his pimp, Julia Child, kept her pimp-hand strong by letting us all know that, “a well roasted chicken is the sign of a really fine cook.”

Shut up baby, I know it!

The problem, however, is that I’m notorious for completely messing up every roast […]

It’s So Hautt Right Now

It never fails.

When I go shopping, I get waylaid by the goodies at the checkout stand. If it’s a grocery store, I’m apt to pick up a copy of More magazine and a York Peppermint Pattie.

If it’s a place like the Dollar Tree, my impulse item is likely to be a multi-pack of […]

“Honorable” Purchase

Even in the 21st century, a time when a national egg recall competes with propaganda delivered by the corn lobbyists in favor of that all-natural food additive, HFCS, and when the emergence of Chickie-Nobs seems inevitable, one can find local food. Real food. Food that smells like dirt, and worms, and chlorophyll.

Most larger metropolitan […]