Procrastination is the Mother of Invention

This one will be a quickie.



I’m a writing tutor and format reviewer for theses and dissertations. I’m remarkably underpaid, but thank goodness my work is appreciated and my job satisfaction exceeds those of pole dancers and sanitation workers.

Come to think of it, I whore out my talents to rid the world […]

Pork for Days

Over the weekend I felt that old familiar tingling in my loins that can be sated by only one thing.

Pulled Pork.

As I’m sure we’re all aware, most of us have rather strong opinions on the best barbeque, be it sauce, style, or method. I personally play for the team utilizing large hunks of […]

Do Something Simple!

Putting together a spectacular feast can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to engineer a meal that will span the course of an evening and inundate the dreams of those fortunate enough to have savored its pleasures for nights to come. Yes, that’s right, sometimes even epicurious […]

That’s not a knife—THIS is a knife!

Something of a follow-up to Falquan’s wholly entertaining, informative and useful (but otherwise totally crap) advice on blade usage in the kitchen here. Since many of you may be sitting at home or work, your fingers trembling with the urge to slice, chop and pare but your stomachs turning at the thought of those aforementioned […]