Saikou Ramen Time! (. . . !!!!)

Ah yes, ramen. Purveyor of absurdly unnecessary levels of sodium to students, cash-strapped persons and suddenly hungry individuals the world over. A delightful little seizure in a styrofoam cup. Surely one cannot live in this world without experiencing it at least one or five thousand times! But as I sat at my desk one day […]

Today’s stalling features sammiches.

Trust me, I’d rather be “getting in the kitchen” and “making Amon a sammich,” but there’s work to be done. Which means, of course, that I’m daydreaming of making a sammich and reliving the last time I did by posting pictures of it.

If only all overpriced sandwiches in overpriced restaurants could look […]

A good omelet is far superior to an afternoon reading and writing academese.

Sometimes, you have to keep it simple.


Wash your mouth out this instant!

In case you weren’t fortunate enough to miss Amon’s and my adventure with the foot-flavored custard known as durian, here’s something to take the bad taste out of your mouth.

Delicious, delicious baked scallops in white wine sauce. NOT DURIAN.

I’m usually not good for much other than drinking everyone’s booze and taking […]

Durian Drama

Ah yes, the legendary durian. A fruit whose exterior is so violently thorny that people living in the areas where it grows dread to walk under its trees at night, lest they be smashed in the skull by its terrifying form as it plummets earthward like an alien missile sent to obliterate the civilizations of […]

Kitchen Knife Review: Miyabi 600D Fusion 8-inch Gyuto

Stats: Blade: 210mm long; 65-layer damascus, warikomi cladding; CMV60 (VG-10) core (target 60 HRC); double-bevel (60-40 ratio at a guess) edge Handle: western-style 3-rivet; micarta Weight: 202g Price: $130

This was my first venture into the realm of Japanese cutlery so I figured it made sense to start with a gyuto, the Japanese version of […]

Mussel Bound

I’ve been dying for some proper moules marinières. Alas, there’s no where on the west side of Cleveland (anymore) that can prepare them properly now that Bar Symon is no more.

Fed up with this injustice, I took matters into my own hands, and looked up a simple moules frites recipe and tweaked it just […]

Ultimate Victory

Nothing journal-related here. Just pure awesome in the form of Jacques Pepin being a boss.

Ultimate Victory

When I get around to trying this, I will post about it.

It’s So Hautt Right Now

It never fails.

When I go shopping, I get waylaid by the goodies at the checkout stand. If it’s a grocery store, I’m apt to pick up a copy of More magazine and a York Peppermint Pattie.

If it’s a place like the Dollar Tree, my impulse item is likely to be a multi-pack of […]