Quickies (with Amon): Rickey Rolled

You want a drink that ain’t never gonna give you up or let you down?

Well the Rickey ain’t no stranger to love. Not to mention the fact that it can be made with various kinds of booze, so even if you run out of one kind, the Rickey ain’t gonna desert you. It was […]

What doesn’t kill you…

Normally when I see a recipe or ingredient list if the first thought that crosses my mind is “that sounds really weird” then it’s a good bet that the second thought will be “I bet it’s either really good or really bad.” The third thought is, of course, “I kind of want to try it.” […]

Quickies (with Falquan): Rocket to Me

This was one of those dishes that looked better than it tasted.

Aroo! Needs more rocket. To me?

Rosemary spelt pasta (from Ohio City Pasta!), with wilted arugula, pork tenderloin and parmesan.

Don’t be like me and forget the garlic. Just don’t do it.


Quickies (with Falquan): Tender is the Taco

Let’s drive Cameros and eat tacos!

Roasted pork tenderloin tacos, corn tortillas, guacamole, fresh salsa and cilantro. The pork had a chili/cumin/coriander rub on the outside, and was roasted at 400 degrees until internal temp was at 147 degrees (and I’m still not dead!).

Also implicated: jargaritas.


Quickies (with Falquan): Trashfish

This is swai, over quinoa and wilted rocket, fresh salsa.

It’s a thing!

Sure it’s a trash-fish. But that doesn’t mean it has to look bad or taste bad. In fact, it’s surprisingly delightful. Just not firm like ocean fish. But healthy and rockin’, especially for the price!


Quickies: Mis en Place

I’ve been a bit busy lately, and I suspect my fellow cohorts in things gastronomic have similar issues. Thus, I bring onto you a new series: Quickies!

Essentially it’s an excuse for me, and any of us eHos to get busy posting, or get busy dyin’. I’d love to keep delivering hugely, in-depth coverage of […]