Abecedarian Artistry

Life sucks. And then you have to chop onions.

There’s little that is more tedious with regard to preparing and cooking food than all the chopping, slicing, dicing, smashing, thrashing, binding, grinding, thrusting, groaning, moaning and screaming.

And if you’re not doing all those in your kitchen, you’re doing it wrong…

…with your knife.


I’m Wearing Stretch Pants. I Can Do Anything.

…so spaketh Princesszyrtec.

Let me fill you in on what led up to that moment.

Princesszyrtec recently celebrated a birthday late last month, and as is customary, she had to renew the registrations on her cars. This year, the Year of the Rabbit, she also had to renew her driver’s license. Unlike the speedy hare, […]