Quickies (with Amon): Rickey Rolled

You want a drink that ain’t never gonna give you up or let you down?

Well the Rickey ain’t no stranger to love. Not to mention the fact that it can be made with various kinds of booze, so even if you run out of one kind, the Rickey ain’t gonna desert you. It was […]

What doesn’t kill you…

Normally when I see a recipe or ingredient list if the first thought that crosses my mind is “that sounds really weird” then it’s a good bet that the second thought will be “I bet it’s either really good or really bad.” The third thought is, of course, “I kind of want to try it.” […]

Jalisco hit the bar!

Over the summer, the Gastrognome and I were lucky enough to make a short trip out to visit ye ol’ Bay Area. The first stop on our journey, however, was unfortunately nowhere near our final destination. Indeed, there was more potential for us to be stranded in a dank and odious wasteland, struggling desperately against […]

Fill up the pitcher– here! here!

No, it’s not the beating of a hideous heart you hear, but rather the glugging of delicious Bloody Marys. As it turns out, no less than the great Vincent Price was a huge fan of the drink, which (at least according to his cookbook A Treasury of Great Recipes) he particularly enjoyed before lunch, while […]

Ja in Bavaria, wo die Sushis aus Fisch sind!

The intrepid Gastrognome and I have a monthly tradition that dictates that on at least one day we must eschew the consuming of lunch in anticipation and preparation for a dinner which involves consuming large (okay, okay–excessive) amounts of sushi and sushi-related food items. But what to do when you’re in a foreign country and […]

Wash your mouth out this instant!

In case you weren’t fortunate enough to miss Amon’s and my adventure with the foot-flavored custard known as durian, here’s something to take the bad taste out of your mouth.

Delicious, delicious baked scallops in white wine sauce. NOT DURIAN.

I’m usually not good for much other than drinking everyone’s booze and taking […]

Hello, Sunshine!

Are you feeling loved yet?

Is there any surer or more delicious indicator that spring is here and summer is soon to follow than the arrival of Bell’s Oberon Ale? My apologies to all the migrating birds and flowering trees, but as you can see, Oberon is just as cheery and colorful, plus […]

Do Something Simple!

Putting together a spectacular feast can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to engineer a meal that will span the course of an evening and inundate the dreams of those fortunate enough to have savored its pleasures for nights to come. Yes, that’s right, sometimes even epicurious […]

Toast Drag

Falquan is right. Foodies cannot help but talk about food when they be conversatin. Just so you don’t get the idea

that each conversation is filled with words like macerate [read: soak in booze, baby!], dragée [read: tiny, silver

balls.], or Scotch Woodcock […]

I Never Forget a Taco. Fish.

An introduction to fish tacos (giggity), and how I got some of my own (double giggity). Recipies, that is. […]