Today’s stalling features sammiches.

Trust me, I’d rather be “getting in the kitchen” and “making Amon a sammich,” but there’s work to be done.  Which means, of course, that I’m daydreaming of making a sammich and reliving the last time I did by posting pictures of it.

If only all overpriced sandwiches in overpriced restaurants could look and taste this good.

Okay, I should elaborate/come clean a bit.  I didn’t make this sandwich.  Amon’s the god of the sandwich.  I did, however, lay the foundation for it, and everyone knows that without a solid foundation, sandwiches are just salads.

I’ll leave the poeticizing to a better writer, so be on the lookout for a sandwich tutorial soon, but for now, I just needed to expound the wonders of home-baked wheat bread, in order that I might have a somewhat more pleasant taste in my mouth before going back to work for the day.

I also promise at some point to do a writeup on The Real Wonder Bread, but for now, you’ll just have to deal with your drool.

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