Any Given Sundae…

…is not as good as the sundaes you’ll happen across in Germany.  Many food items in Germany are better or different than what you find at home– quark and hazelnut yogurt, to name a couple– but, as Amon and I reconfirmed during our most recent tra-la-la through the Teutonic Tastyland, Germany’s really got it down in the ice cream department.

Waldbeerbecher und Walnussbecher - beste Freunde!

Actually, these are pretty run-of-the-mill, by German standards.

Old Deutschland definitely does dairy.


3 comments to Any Given Sundae…

  • princesszyrtec

    Does leaving the receipt under a pile of deliciousness make paying the bill any more palatable? Also … freakin’ yum.

    • gastrognome

      Actually, since the bill’s generally not all that big (this was like 7 euro, so like 10 bucks including tip) it’s usually palatable enough on its own!

      If you think this looks good, just wait until you see the post Amon’s cooking up!

  • Amon-Rukh

    Mmmmmm, sometimes there’s nothing better than things like fresh berries or toasted nuts to top some delicious, delicious gelato. The simple stuff–that’s where it’s at! (That and good company.)

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