I’d Love You to Love Me

But I think I forgot the safety word.

I stopped in my local Penzey’s Spices today to restock on a few of my favorite things. Namely the Szechuan Peppercorn Salt, but walked out with a few more things I use all the time: chipotle powder and ancho powder.

I absolutely love this store. They procure extremely high quality spices and expertly vend and blend them. Way cheaper than I can get from my local mega-grocer. You’ll never, ever go back to the McCormicks and Spice Islands. They taste bland, dead and well, old compared to Penzey’s.

Aside from the fineries, what they included in my bag today made me smile:

Love People. Cook them tasty food.


Although it said on the back it wouldn’t hurt my car’s paint, I love my car, and thus won’t be including on my ass-end anytime soon. But I do think it speaks volumes on the powers of lunch. Therefore it hangs on my kitchen door.

2 comments to I’d Love You to Love Me

  • princesszyrtec

    1. You could put that sticker on your ass-end, literally. Just sayin’.

    2. Wherefore art thou, Impreza?

    3. Since you’ve cooked me tasty food, does that mean you love me?

  • 1. Like literally, affix the sticker betwixt my ass-cheeks.

    2. The hurt I put on it earlier in it’s life caught up with it as I began driving down the “cobblestone” streets of downtown. Before any more value was lost, I traded it in on an off-road vehicle much more suited to Ohio’s urban roads.

    3. About that, so I just found something out and you probably should get yourself tested…

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