We are not Amused

I know, it’s a faux pas to apologize for faffing about and not writing. Particularly to the blog one resolved to write on at least once every two weeks. But, you know what, I don’t care.

I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it. I’ll do better next time.

Part of what has been taking up my free time set aside for gastro-correspondence is that I have taken up the hobby of home brewing. That is, I now make bootleg alcohol in the closet of my kitchen here in Cleveland. Delicious, hoppy, malty, booze. In a bucket.

It turns out that there’s a lot of steps to this process. Easy, yes. Lots, yes. And after consuming about a case of your hard-earned product, one does not simply walk into Mordor remember all those steps.

Yeah, I could write it down all lo-fi style. But I’m just not hipster enough for a Moleskine and Ticonderoga #2. Nay, I require something a bit more digital.

So, the project that REALLY has been drinking my free-time (ha!): Brewver. Please note that it is hastily hosted, and may ignore you on any given occasion. It’s merely what we in the software biz like to call a “community technology preview.” And frankly it’s barely that. The idea is to get some people clicking on it, find the bugs, request features, and generally get it into a stage that works before I start actual, real hosting.

What is it you say?

Well, for now it’s just an online brewing recipe database. But the plan is to slowly morph it into a complete brewing community where we all can exchange information and ideas. A “minternet” if you will: social networking for beer.

At this point (like I) you may be asking yourself, “Self, it’s 2012, everything has already been done, doesn’t this exist already?”

Well, probably. But I haven’t found it executed to a proper medium-rare. Quite raw actually. And unlike sushi, raw, uncooked software isn’t something I enjoy.

So, dear readers, try it out, especially if you’re interested or into home brewing. I need the feedback on what I’m missing and what would make it great.

Also, don’t put any data in you expect to keep just yet. I’m constantly adding new stuff and changing things that may make things unstable.

3 comments to We are not Amused

  • princesszyrtec

    I always like giving unsolicited advice feedback.

    And gifts. But mostly feedback.

    I was going to invest in the apiary arts for my upcoming urban homesteading project, but perhaps I should set up a still. It will be my water feature.

  • Drip drip drop, little whiskey showers.

    If nothing else it’s a great way to weasel insurance money for when a house burns down…

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