Chili for None

As we have previously discussed, Jaques Pepin is a boss in the kitchen. Henry Phillips is not Jaques Pepin. But Henry’s Kitchen may just be the ultimate cooking show of our time. He manages to cover every single element that seems to be mandatory in turn-of-the-millenium food programming from the irrelevant anecdotes to the nonsensical musical montages to the cheesy VH1-esque “tips” that pop up in the corners of the screen to compliment his narration. It’s like his brain is a giant blender and he managed to pour every douchey Travel Channel, Food Network and Public Access TV host into it, reduce them all to their most primal, elementary particles and then vomit it all out again in the form of a riveting milkshake of despair that takes less than 5 minutes to consume.

I love it.

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