Kitchen Knife Review: Miyabi 6000MCT “Artisan” 8-inch Gyuto

Stats: Blade: 210mm long; mirror polish, hammer finish; SG2 steel (target 63 HRC); double-bevel edge Handle: oval cocobolo pakkawood Weight: 212g Price: $125 discounted ($200 standard)

Yay, it’s another knife review! This time we’re looking at the 8” chef’s knife from Miyabi’s flashy and (relatively) new Artisan line. We’ll begin with the obvious. The […]

Kitchen Knife Review: MAC 10-inch Chef Series

Stats: Blade: 250mm long; double-bevel edge; stainless molybdenum steel Handle: western-style (no bolster); Pakka-wood Weight: 229g Price: $70 discounted ($120 standard)

Knovember continues with a look at another recent knife acquisition, a MAC gyuto. I’ve seen this knife described as “a slab of metal with two pieces of wood stuck to one end,” a description […]

Kitchen Knife Review: Miyabi 600D Fusion 8-inch Gyuto

Stats: Blade: 210mm long; 65-layer damascus, warikomi cladding; CMV60 (VG-10) core (target 60 HRC); double-bevel (60-40 ratio at a guess) edge Handle: western-style 3-rivet; micarta Weight: 202g Price: $130

This was my first venture into the realm of Japanese cutlery so I figured it made sense to start with a gyuto, the Japanese version of […]