Assembly Required

As I’ve stated in my bio, I’m a food collage artist.  That’s a much nicer way of saying “I’m a Lazy McLazentstein who just pushes bio-fuel items together into my mouth.”




ANYwho,  I just made a plate of perfectly plump pitas packed with a plethora of perky parts.  Each whole wheat pita contains the following:

Oven roasted turkey

Delicate baby spinach leaves

Clusters of  bright cilantro

Slathers of extra garlic hummus

Mounds of fresh tabouli

More cilantro


I have to say, originally I was going to heat up some Tony Packo’s chili and crusty bread, due to NW  Ohio’s blustery weather, but these pita sandwiches were just the ticket to perk me up and refresh my palate, which in turn refreshed my mood.


No pics, but a pita doesn’t photograph real well.  Also, while assembly is required,  it is of the light variety.  Try it.  I promise you won’t even break a sweat.


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