Quickies (with Falquan): Tender is the Taco

Let’s drive Cameros and eat tacos!

Roasted pork tenderloin tacos, corn tortillas, guacamole, fresh salsa and cilantro. The pork had a chili/cumin/coriander rub on the outside, and was roasted at 400 degrees until internal temp was at 147 degrees (and I’m still not dead!).

Also implicated: jargaritas.



When you start with quality ingredients, it’s shocking how little is necessary to make something incredible. This heirloom tomato, for example:

This requires salt and a mouth in which to stuff it. That is all.

And yes, my favorite bamboo cutting block has huge gouges in it. I only use it for vegetables and […]

Assembly Required

As I’ve stated in my bio, I’m a food collage artist. That’s a much nicer way of saying “I’m a Lazy McLazentstein who just pushes bio-fuel items together into my mouth.”




ANYwho, I just made a plate of perfectly plump pitas packed with a plethora of perky parts. Each whole wheat pita […]