A Decent Glass and a Good Moustache

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve: Fetch your fighting trousers!

As a big fan of bourbon I had already previously acquainted myself with Knob Creek. Their regular stuff is really very good, although I wouldn’t put it in my top tier and I think it’s generally a bit overpriced. When I was first introduced to the Single Barrel Reserve, I eyed it a bit skeptically, suspecting that (as things called “Reserve” tend to be) it would either not offer much different from the regular bourbon, or it would be somewhat nicer but also excessively more expensive.

Well, I’m here to report that not only does Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve kick way more ass than their standard bourbon, it is also only $5 more expensive, which puts it solidly in the “totally worth it” category. It smells great—sweet and oakey—and tastes even better, with a really deep, intense flavor and slightly smokey finish that carries the flavor of roasted nuts with it. (Chestnuts, I think, although I could be full of crap.) A little bit of water or ice removes some of the awesome face-punching intensity of its 60% ABV and brings out more subtle aromas that will make you long for past eras when every man wore a 3-piece suit and top hat, every woman a matching corset and goggles and the next adventure was just a short flight on the back of a clockwork beetle away.

1 comment to A Decent Glass and a Good Moustache

  • In lieu of making a “polishing off your Knob” joke, next time I need a bit of the old slap and tickle thirst-quencher, I shall forgo my standard Woodford Reserve and try this out. Who doesn’t love anything that finishes with a nut.

    Admittedly, when I think of dirigibles, I usually think of Absinthe. But I suppose whiskey is a close second.

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