Baby Got Back

I’ve got a new obsession. And it’s kinda like big butts in some of the more obscure dialects.

But I cannot lie.

In fact, it’s called Lucky Peach (Momofuku if you nasty), and it’s contents are collected by the wonderful bunch over there at McSweeney’s and a few other guests. It occurs quarterly and looks a little like this:

Lucky Peach

Why am I obsessed with this tabloid? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Miso horny!


I’ve really yet to dig my nails deep into it’s spine, but my initial scans thus far shows it to be essentially food pornography for the literarily inclined.



Golden brown and delicious.

I expect there will be more to say about other issues once I’m finished thoroughly enjoying their respective contents.

Yeah. That’s it.


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