Quickies (with Amon): Rickey Rolled

You want a drink that ain’t never gonna give you up or let you down?

Well the Rickey ain’t no stranger to love. Not to mention the fact that it can be made with various kinds of booze, so even if you run out of one kind, the Rickey ain’t gonna desert you. It was originally made with bourbon, but gin is the most popular version. And considering how it is both highly smooth drinkin’ AND easy to make, it ain’t never gonna make you cry or say goodbye either.

Featured left: gin. Featured right: bourbon.

Featured left: gin.
Featured right: bourbon.












BOOM. Rickeys. All you need is a booze of your choice, half a lime and some sparkling water.

Now left:  bourbon. Now right: gin.

Now left: bourbon.
Now right: gin.













BOOM. Again. Just combine your spirit with the lime and top it with bubbles. Done. No lie.

2 comments to Quickies (with Amon): Rickey Rolled

  • Falquan

    Bourbon Rickey? That’s a full commitment I’m thinking of. Somehow lime and bourbon doesn’t mix in my head, though.

    • Amon-Rukh

      Yeah, my first reaction to the notion of the bourbon rickey was definitely  photo not-sure-if-serious_zpsef492f5b.jpeg

      I gave it a try because apparently it’s the original and the old-school, classic cocktails tend to be winners more often than not. It’s not going to supplant drinking just plain ol’ bourbon, but it’s certainly in the “winner” category if you want something light and refreshing.

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