Now THIS is art!

It is, admittedly horrifying on more levels than I care to process in a single sitting, but hey, it’s like that saying about train wrecks and not being able to stop looking.

Double Down Hot Dog

It even features chick ‘n cheese, what ever the damn hell that is!

And in case you prefer your […]


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Gift-giving time. Perhaps you, dear reader, are tempted to find an interesting kitchen gadget to give as a gift to someone you know. Or perhaps someone you know may gift one to you. This can be great, and fun. But it can also be a colossal disappointment. For […]

Durian Drama

Ah yes, the legendary durian. A fruit whose exterior is so violently thorny that people living in the areas where it grows dread to walk under its trees at night, lest they be smashed in the skull by its terrifying form as it plummets earthward like an alien missile sent to obliterate the civilizations of […]