7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part 5)

Heroes. They did stuff. Let’s watch!

The morning on which we were to part ways finally arrived. The crew had been spectacular, but no longer did we have the same destinations in mind. The crew would travel east, in an attempt to return to their origins. I, however, was not ready to leave.

The locals talked of a large port farther south known as the Port of Saint Francis, or as they pronounced it, “San Francisco.” I’d yet to learn all the nuances of their language. It was there we finally parted ways. While they set out that day for home, I was not to depart till the following.

I, however, found the dwelling of a friendly native who claimed she knew me in a past life. This concept of past-life confused me, but I was not about to pass up free room and board for an evening.

Golden Gate

The view wasn't bad either

With little else to do, I explored the area. Large port was an understatement. Tall buildings, shops, an entire underground transportation system; it was nearly as far from home as I could imagine. Getting intentionally lost, I found a rather downtrodden area where the inhabitants must have burned an incense that could only be described as “pipeweed.” I assumed you needed some sort of local identification to procure such an item.

Happily, I stumbled across a friendly looking inn that reminded me of home.


I know those things

At this place known as Pi, a large piece of bread was slathered with a red sauce and cheese, and served with a choice of draft beer, a beverage with which I was intimately familiar. I couldn’t help but have a couple extra beers.


Beer. So many choices. And it makes so little difference

Particularly after the helpful staff informed me of at least a half-dozen places within where I simply had to take nourishment. Alas, I had not time to visit them all.

Beet Salad

But I did have time for a beet salad

That eve, my innkeeper friend decided I must meet some people. She brought me to a pub where the local game was known as Flip Cup. Clearly, I was never destined for a clear-headed morning.

The next day, after starting out the wrong direction on the transportation system, I found the vessel which would take me north. North to visit a one-time traveling companion.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound like The Odyssey anymore. Big woop wanna fight about it? Find out how it ends next time on “Will You Just Shut Up Already!”

1 comment to 7 minutes (or 2 weeks) in Heaven (Part 5)

  • Amon-Rukh

    I have heard tell of Pi in San Fran, though I have never been there myself. It certainly looks friendlier and tastier than the place here in StL that also goes by the name of Pi with its hordes of yuppie diners and trauma-inducing take on deep-dish.

    That beet salad looks freakin’ fantastic.

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