Getting Baked

In my zeal to eat as much fish as possible, finding new ways to cook it was becoming an issue. I suppose I didn’t have to cook it, but most of the fish I purchase isn’t what I’d call sushi grade.

So baked, man

It turns out that it’s perfectly legit to bake fish in the oven. Often I overlook the oven due to everything I make in it taking for freaking ever, but in fact this was just as speedy as on the cooktop.

Not to mention dead simple. Add seasoning, and bake at 400°F. Done.

Of course, I landed my fish on top of some basil leaves, and oiled the baking sheet to prevent sticking, but, that’s an exercise left to the reader.

Serve any way you choose.

Bit o' Green

I chose spinach and Sriracha.

Your munchies may vary.

1 comment to Getting Baked

  • Amon-Rukh

    Fish good. Fish in oven good. Fish with sriracha good. And yeah, the short cooking times are a wonderful thing about fish.

    Nice pictures by the way. I wish I had the patience to improve my food photography skills, but alas, I don’t. Also, the lighting in my kitchen sucks for photos.

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